Vision Board Kit - Visualization Tool for Business and Personal Development

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A Vision Board is a powerful tool that helps you to narrow down your dreams to focus on what you truly want out of life. Using the power of the Law of Attraction the Vision Board acts like a magnet to attract what we keep at the front of our thoughts and visions. What we think about, we bring about.

The process of choosing what to put on your vision board is simple yet meaningful. First, identify your dreams, then select images that represent those desires. This simple selection process narrows down your focus and personalizes your board with specific wants & wishes that matter to you.

Visualization is just as powerful as taking action. When you visualize yourself living in your dream home, your brain focuses on working to create that reality.

Our Vision Boards measure 14"x20" and come with 10 magnets to hold your dreams and wishes as well as 18 pre-cut cards with a mandala design for you to write in mantras, affirmations or special words or quotes that are meaningful for you. You can choose Ruby or a Creamy White for the Color and can choose Vertical or Horizontal for the layout. All boards are embellished with the "Actually I Can" quote across the top.

You can upgrade here to purchase our deluxe vision board with the accessory kit:

Our Deluxe Board with Accessory kit includes everything you get with our classic Vision Board plus the following features:

  • Metal Strip attached to bottom of board
  • 3 Additional Magnets
  • 2 Magnet Clips
  • Vinyl Strip added to divide the face of the board into 2 halves
  • 16 organizational cards (4x4: I am Manifesting, To-Do, Menu, Calendar)