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If you are here... YOU ARE AWESOME! 

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Welcome Welcome Welcome to our community! As a member of Flourish, We want you to get immediate value from being here. Flourish is a virtual community full of REAL people who come together to grow together. You will be interacting with focused business strategists who are knowledgable and honest about what works and what doesn't, you will also be joining other like-minded entrepreneurs who are here to support and celebrate each other along the way.

The first task: READ THIS PAGE in its ENTIRETY. We know it is super long with a ton of information, but seriously it's the best way to start off right on your Flourish journey! So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and maybe a notebook and scroll on!


Start Here: Welcome to The Flourish Digital Campus

The Flourish community is a college of sorts for your craft business. We call it the Flourish Digital Campus! Our digital campus IS located on the Facebook platform using a series of Facebook Groups. Each group offers something different, and depending on what you need for your business you may spend more time in one group versus another.

Our Campus is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Flourish Main
  2. The Classrooms
  3. Scale & Grow


Flourish Main is the main 4 groups that make up the Flourish Community. You MUST Click the Groups below to enter into the Flourish program. The Flourish Community and Training is all nestled into the groups you will see listed below. Please do not forget to click on the underlined and colored links to request to join.

Please note: We must verify that you are a paid subscriber before accepting your group request. We let in new members twice a day, so you may have a few hours to wait to be admitted. 

  1. Flourish at Artisan Indie: (<----CLICK HERE ) This group is your Homeroom. (You have to join this group before you can be added to any other classrooms) This group is where you will find Sarah Sewell CEO & Founder of Artisan Indie giving the community LIVE presentations, updates, news and announcements. This is also the group where you can learn about the basics of Flourish and what we teach so you can get your shop up and running and profitable quickly! 
  2. Club Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This group is your Study Hall. This group is fantastic for Peer to Peer Feedback & Business Discussion. Think of it as your own brainstorm group! You can ask questions and get feedback in real time in a safe and supportive environment with people who know exactly what it is like trying to build a craft business online.
  3. The Lounge at Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This group is the Common Room. The social hub to network, relax and lift each other up! The Lounge is the social room of Flourish. Here you can relax from your busy life and get to know your peers in an encouraging and supportive place. This is a business and drama free zone. It is a fun space to talk about your kids, cooking, current events, fun sharing etc.!
  4. Flourish Market: (<----CLICK HERE ) Think of this group as our Community Store! The Flourish market is exclusive to Flourish Members. Here you can buy & sell cool unique handmade products. All items posted are made by Flourish members only! It's a great way to support each other too!

Please note: Once you get inside the Facebook Groups PLEASE Click the Units tab to get started with your training and the Flourish 101 series. ALL the training is inside these UNITS! Don't Forget! :)

Section 2: THE CLASS ROOMS: 

The Flourish Class Rooms are where you will meet up, tag, communicate, and learn from the Flourish Hive Experts & Advisors!!

Our amazing experts and advisors spend time each and everyday in the Flourish Classrooms teaching, answering questions, and chatting with our community members. It is in these groups that you will learn from the best of the best to help save you time, money and to teach you how to grow your business.

Click the links below to join the groups you are interested in, please note you do not have to join all of them. There may be some topics you already have mastered, or some topics you just aren't interested in learning about yet... there is no need to overwhelm yourself with a ton of classes if you aren't ready yet. It is totally ok (and recommend to take things slow). 

  1. Target & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This Classroom helps you find your Target Audience which are a specific group of people interested in your specific product or service. This is the first topic we teach, as it is the most important. Knowing your target market allows you to place your marketing messages where your audience hangs out, using words and enticements that specifically speak to their needs. This attracts them to your brand which ultimately will lead to more sales! 
  2. Brand & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This Classroom helps you to create and develop and define your brand. In simple terms your brand is the personality of your business. It is what your target audience will think of when thinking of your business. The relationship your business has with the public is your brand. Branding is also taught within this classroom. Branding is not the same as brand, branding is the look and feel of your brand. It is basically your brand, put into visuals. Don't worry if that seems confusing or hard to understand, within this classroom you will learn all you need to build your brand & branding to grow your small business into something great!
  3. Optimize & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This classroom is where you will learn how to optimize your virtual storefront in order to be found online. You will learn how to optimize your website, Etsy shop, Shopify store, and social media pages to be not only found in search but also favored in search. This means more eyes on your sites, more traffic and more sales. 
  4. Sell & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This Classroom is where you will learn to SELL your products or services. This class teaches the skills that will turn your online store into a desirable place to shop from. A place that not only will people buy from but also share with their friends and family. This is a popular class with lots of expert presentations where you will learn product photography, copywriting, pricing, craft show selling, and how to create raving fans through great customer service. This is a fun class, and one that will put the polish on your brand to attract more shoppers AND buyers to your shop.
  5. Develop & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This Classroom is where you will go when you are ready to develop your brand beyond Etsy or other marketplaces. Whether is it opening a store on Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or any other platform really we have your back in helping you to not only create your own site, but how to make it shine from inside out! Flourish recommends using Shopify for any product based business. In our opinion it really is the BEST platform for any E-Commerce business, however we appreciate there are differing opinions, and those who like options, so we teach all platforms to help our members no matter where they choose to open up their virtual shop.
  6. Connect & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This classroom helps you to connect with your customers across Social Media! It's great to have an online shop, but how do you reach your customers?! How can you promote and advertise your new product launches or holiday sales? Our Flourish experts and advisors help you to grow your social media pages into a place that adds value to your target market while also giving you a platform to share your brand from. In Flourish we promote using the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest platforms for business Social Media. Other platforms are great if you want to use them, but we feel focusing on these 3 will bring you the most bang for your buck. 
  7. Finance & Flourish: (<----CLICK HERE ) This class is probably the most avoided class we have in Flourish! (hehehe) but the reason why you avoid finance talk is usually because you either don't know much about it or don't like to deal with it. We TOTALLY get it, which is why we brought in Experts and Advisors who are trained in working with handmade businesses to help guide and support them in figuring out accounting and bookkeeping specific to their business needs.

Section 3: SCALE & GROW:

What happens when you feel like you are already on your way to success?! You have a business that is pretty busy and consistent with sales, but you want to learn more about scaling it, or maybe how to hire employees, or how to get into the wholesale market. We offer support to our Flourish members who have a great business but need a different kind of support. We offer two additional groups for those needing more advanced brainstorming and peer support. You must show your annual sales before being granted access to these groups.

  1. Flourish Mids: Flourish MIDS is a group for all Flourishers who make $35k-85k in sales in their handmade business. This group was created for sellers who are more seasoned and are past the beginning stages of e-commerce. This group offers a place for you to brainstorm with other sellers that understand your certain sort of circumstances in business. Contact an admin if you want to join this group, you will need to show a screenshot of your annual sales of at least $35k to be admitted entrance.
  2. Flourish 100k: Having a handmade online business is hard enough…having one that is CRAZY BUSY has a whole other set of challenges. Flourish 100k is a group for all Flourishers who make 6 figures or will be hitting 6 figures in their handmade business within the next year or so. This group works together to brain storm, support and discuss all things eCommerce for bigger (small) businesses. Contact an admin if you want to join this group, you will need to show a screenshot of your annual sales of at least $85k to be admitted entrance.



Have More Questions?

You can contact us ANYTIME! The quickest way to reach your Flourish Admin is on Facebook by PM. Because we run our community on Facebook usually one of us is online pretty much 24 hrs a day. We check in there hourly as well, so if you need help or guidance simply send us a note and we will respond quickly. We recommend sending either Sarah Sewell or Lara Noelle Bruso Brown a friend request so we will be sure to see your messages and posts first! 

Please understand that our Digital Campus is hosted on the Facebook Platform and it is known for being quirky at times. If you make a post in ANY of our groups, and you don't get answers or responses it is likely that the algorithm on Facebook just hasn't ranked you to be seen in the group yet. The best way to combat this issue, is to interact with the posts you do see. This means helping others by answering questions and offering feedback will likely mean more will interact and respond to your own questions and posts.

Our program is fun and inspiring and educational but not free from our own imperfections and faults. We do however do our best to provide the best for our community and students. Should you at anytime have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. We always have an open door and are passionate about helping others. You can contact us anytime with questions or feedback and know we always have your back! WE are here and happy to help!

YOUR INVESTMENT: You can spend hundreds and thousands on online courses or business coaches. You can waste time in forums and multiple facebook groups or even searching high and low on Google, but no one will understand your online craft business quite like we do. We are here for you but you do have to invest some of your time. Flourish isn't a magic pill, we have the information and education and if you apply it YOU WILL FLOURISH... but you do have to do the work! Just like any college degree, it takes time and energy to earn that degree, similar with Flourish do the work and you will succeed!

We want you to know you are not alone on this journey, we as well as all Flourish members are here to help, guide and support you along the way. If you ever need anything please don't ever feel shy to ask. We will always have your back! 

We promise that we will always have our finger on the pulse of industry trends, updates and changes so that you will always have the freshest and accurate information and training available. We are on your team and will support you through the ups and downs.

Your membership fee is also a write off! So use that tax deduction and ensure you have a team in your corner to help you overcome all the bumps on the road to entrepreneurship.

So Let’s Do This!  

Join the Groups and Jump Right In!!! Be sure to introduce yourself in the Club Flourish group and tell us all about who you are and what you make! WE are so excited to meet you!

PLEASE NOTE: All content in the Facebook groups and on our member site is the property of Artisan Indie and Flourish at Artisan Indie and is for member use only. Sharing our content outside our group is prohibited and grounds for removal from the Flourish community.