Craft + Commerce = Flourish

Flourish is the #1 Craft Community for Craft Business owners across the Globe!
Join our community and learn how to go from crafting to commerce within our Digital Campus. We teach artisans, craftspeople and creatives how to build a business doing what they love.



We are here to teach and inspire to show our members how they can grow their small businesses into their own handmade empires. Taught by leading E-Commerce and Handmade Industry experts our program will do more then teach you how to sell online, we will teach you to scale your handmade business to reach a global audience and build your brand.



We aren't just a business school, we are so much more than that! We are a community of creatives who understand what it's like trying to build a business from things we make. Starting from scratch, with nothing to our names but some yarn, fabric, vinyl, beads or wood. We GET IT! We can help you strategize and form a plan to streamline your processes and build a life you love.



Your Flourish Membership Includes:

  1. Access to the Flourish Digital Campus. This is where our incredible training takes place. Within our digital campus you have access to the Flourish experts and all educational content.
  2. VIP access to the Flourish Experts. As a Flourish member you have access to all our experts. These experts are business owners and well versed in their fields of expertise. They are on hand to provide training, feedback and support. You can tag them in their classrooms to ask them questions and or get feedback at no additional cost to your membership.
  3. Member Discount Program (AKA Flourish Swag): Discounts or free trials to Shopify, Etsy Rank, Marmalead, Cinchare, Craftybase, Handmade Seller Magazine, Bench, Pinright, The Hungry Jpeg, Craftbundles, CS Designs & Supplies, Cobra Ink, Ink and Elm, Aperturent and so much more. Just visit our Swag Page once inside our community!
  4. Private & exclusive Facebook Peer to Peer Groups for certain revenue levels. Flourish Mids is a peer group for members who have 35k-85k annually in sales. Flourish 100K is for members selling 6 figures or close to it. Get support from peers who know exactly what struggles and obstacles you may have at your specific selling level.
  5. Discounts and early access to all Artisan Indie / Flourish events and programs. Discounts on yearly planner, conference tickets, special sales and the exclusive RUBY women's group.
  6. Product and Shop Features on our Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram accounts @artisanindie where we promote members and their products throughout the year.
  7. Team Flourish Spotify & Apple Itunes Playlist. (Because we KNOW you need some groovin' music to craft too)!
  8. Local meet ups, workshops and events with giveaways and contests to win prizes like DSLR Cameras, IPADS, Gift Cards, Shop Critiques, Coaching Sessions and more.
  9. Members only marketplace to promote and sell your products to your fellow community members. We support each other in this community and try to buy from one another before looking elsewhere!
  10. And last but not least!!! Your Flourish membership is a tax write off!! So all this value becomes virtually free!!!!

 Don't just take our word for it! Watch the video below to see what your fellow makers and sellers say about what Flourish has done for them and their craft businesses!




Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Subscription Plans Available below! There is no contract and you can cancel anytime, although we are betting you won't! Flourish will become not just your business group, but also a place to find support, friendship and fun!


What are you waiting for?! Sign up today and we will see you inside!