E-Commerce DIY: Self Doubt

How to dispel Fear & Doubt in your Creative Business.

By Sarah Sewell

How to dispel Fear & Doubt in your Creative Business.

Show of hands....who’s exhausted from trying to convince the world that you’re worthy?

I get it....I’ve been there . Like the time in my 20’s I tried so hard to get the promotion I deserved by doing my managers work at the RV dealership so he could take time off to play golf.

And the time early on in my business when I was trying hard to convince friends and family that I was worth it I’d even give them my product away for free just so they’d see the awesome work I’d done....

And all the times I’ve cried myself to sleep wondering when I was going to stop getting questioned about my choices from my own parents and spouse and feeling so sad that they didn’t believe I was capable of making it work...

Yes, I have been there....and I got really tired of feeling like I had to prove anything to anybody. I also got tired of me not believing in me....

So I decided to refocus on what was calling me...I focused on my purpose...I focused on my dream.

I focused on doing what I love to do....what feels good to me....what comes naturally. I focused on the soft pull down in my abdomen that was assuring me I was meant for something more.

It for sure took some effort to not get sucked back into the mindset of “not enough” but I would just remind myself when that happened that I matter and am important just as I am....just as me.

Gratitude and purpose took over and true authentic happiness and fulfillment filled me up. I started to love myself more and believe in myself more and you know what happened? People followed suit.

I realized believing in myself is key to success. How could I expect anyone else to feel I was worthy of enough before when I didn’t believe it enough about myself?

When you can get connected to your true self and find yourself led by your purpose or passion it will PULL you. You will find the need to convince anyone of your worthiness will simply melt away. When you and your purpose are aligned naturally the fulfillment & prosperity will follow.

When you focus on what’s calling you and you live from a sense of real deep purpose, the universe will respond to the power of your song and you are so worthy. The doubt and fear will fall away and you will know you are on the right path.

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