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Marmalead Brings Ease to Makers Struggling with Etsy SEO

By Sarah Sewell

Marmalead Brings Ease to Makers Struggling with Etsy SEO

Most makers I meet with always say the same thing, "If I could just get my listings in front of people I could be selling like hotcakes!" Most crafters selling on Etsy struggle with being found in search. With web-based businesses, where you are placed in search can make or break your online business.

Etsy businesses have similar challenges. Although Etsy is seen as a marketplace for handmade goods, it is also its own search engine. There are 1.7 million sellers selling on the massive craft commerce platform, and the sellers that are finding huge success are the ones that rank on the first few pages.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what online businesses do to optimize their shops to be found in search. Depending on the platform virtual storefront owners optimize their web pages and / or shop listings with keywords. These keywords alert the search algorithm to what type of web page or what type of product is being sold. It is actually quite a bit more complicated than that, but in short this is what you do to help the algorithm know where to place your web page, shop or listing.

For years Etsy sellers struggled with optimizing their shops because there was a lack of resources available to teach them how to optimize their Etsy listings properly. Most sellers relied on the Etsy Seller Handbook to give them some sort of guidance or direction, but if anyone has read this handbook they know its verbiage is vague at the very least. Struggling with something like keyword research and SEO is one of the biggest reasons crafters and makers don't try to sell their handcraft goods online. It's a challenge many are just not wanting to tackle. 

When Marmalead launched in 2015 there really wasn't anyone out there who offered such a groundbreaking service for makers. They opened as a company that offers keywords research and SEO help just for small businesses selling on the Etsy platform. FINALLY, a resource that craftpreneurs could use to specifically grow their ranking in search.

What's so special about Marmalead?

Marmalead uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of getting found on Etsy. It offers powerful (and fun) brainstorming tools to help you find the keywords real shoppers are using to find listings just like yours. Marmalead helps you to discover the details behind the keywords to learn REAL search volume, REAL keywords engagement, REAL competition of keywords and so much more. The Marmalead team is committed to providing only the very best in Etsy SEO. They are constantly testing and improving their tools to provide the most up to date and accurate information for their users.

Marmalead offers some pretty amazing features for keyword research:

  • Seasonality: This allows users to KNOW how keywords are GOING to perform by looking at the past 12-month performance and giving a 3-month forecast.
  • Engagement: This allows users to see how many unique visits a keyword is expected to generate over the next 30 days with REAL shoppers.
  • Long Tail: Today long-tail keywords get the most queries. Marmalead uses powerful machine learning that peers behind the scenes to put it's users listings in a better spot for being sold.
  • Real Search Volume: See how many searches a keyword is expected to have from real shoppers over the next 30 days.
  • Side-by-Side Comparison: This allows users to compare search phrase metrics side by side to identify the best ones to focus on.

And More Powerful Brainstorming Tools:

  • Storm: This tool delivers a massive list of keyword suggestions. You can save the ones you like and clear out the rest!
  • Popular Search: This allows users to know which searches are trending and be the first ones to ride the wave!
  • Similar Search: This shows users other keyword variations that have been already searched by REAL shoppers.

As an Etsy Coach for creatives, I have worked with a number of SEO tools over the years but have found Marmalead to be extremely accurate and very user-friendly (especially with those sellers that aren't quite "tech savvy.") If you sell on Etsy and want to boost your visibility in search, you MUST do great keyword research. Using Marmalead to do that research will help you optimize your listings to capture those elusive front page spots.

Marmalead offers support and information to Etsy sellers in a far superior way than its other competitors, which makes them the perfect fit for my clients. I am grateful to have such an awesome tool that I can recommend and that I KNOW will help take my clients to the next level with their handmade business.

If our readers out there are struggling with Etsy Ranking I highly recommend signing up for Marmalead to help you take the guesswork out of keyword research and to start ranking to be found in search! I am not an affiliate of Marmalead nor am I getting compensated for my opinion or this blog. Just truly a big fan of the service and have seen it helps thousands grow their handmade businesses online. If you are interested in joining you can learn more and subscribe at www.marmalead.com

Happy Selling!

Sarah ❤

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