Make a Vision Board in 3 Quick Steps

By Sarah Sewell

Make a Vision Board in 3 Quick Steps

Every business starts with a vision. As the new year approaches, it’s the perfect time to get thoughts and plans in order. A great way to do that is to make a vision board. If a vision board is something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t actually done before, this is your year. Get creative and focus on your 2020 goals with a quick guide to make a vision board.


Make a Vision Board in 3 Quick Steps by Artisan Indie

Why a Vision Board?

  • Vision boards are an important part of the goal-setting process. They help set and prioritize goals, values, and intentions.
  • Vision boards are a fun way to get artistic with your dreams.
  • The hands-on process of making a vision board helps physically set intention in your mind, making goals feel more attainable. 
  • Seeing your vision board regularly keeps the focus on your goals and encourages you both consciously and unconsciously.


How to Make a Vision Board


  • Posterboard
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Paper and pen
  • Sharpies or other permanent markers (optional)
  • Other images and text from books, computer printouts, etc. (optional)

  1. Organize & Focus- This first step is a brain dump. Sit down with paper and pen and think about your goals for the coming year. Big or small, put it all down. Include words you want to focus on for the year like ‘focus’, ‘consistent’. Next, sort through your thoughts to narrow down the things you want to use on your vision board. Organize your goals into sections that make sense for you. These may include labels like personal, business, family, financial, etc. 

  1. Find words & Images- Next, we’re on the hunt... There are many ways to find the right images you need. Magazines and searching google seem to be the most popular sources. Consider writing words out in sharpie- get creative and have fun!

  1. Arrange & Glue Images- Finally, arrange larger photos to make a base layer and secure them with glue. Then add layers of smaller words and photos. When you’re happy with your arrangement, glue everything down. 

Now that your board is done, find a spot to display it that will be seen every day, such as an office or by the mirror in your bathroom. Take a moment regularly to take in a deep, cleansing breath, and focus your mindset on specific words and goals. Visualize yourself working toward and achieving your goals and how that will look/feel.


Make a Vision Board in 3 Quick Steps by Artisan Indie

Other Vision Board Styles

  • Bulletin board – Use pushpins to attach images and words to a corkboard
  • Goal-specific vision boards – Focus on one specific goal with a smaller board
  • Planner page – Make a small vision board on your calendar or planner
  • Bullet journal- This is a great option for artistic creatives
  • Pinterest board- Pin images & inspirational quotes to a private board that you can visit

I hope you enjoyed this vision board activity. Visualizing your 2020 goals sets your dreams into motion, giving them life. What a perfect way to start the new decade!

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