Flip the Script in 2020

By Sarah Sewell

Flip the Script in 2020

What you say to yourself matters more than what anyone else says. It’s true. What we think about ourselves directly affects how we feel emotionally and physically. Have you taken time lately to think about what you’ve been thinking about? Take inventory this week of your words and thoughts. Flip the script in 2020.

Pay attention to the messaging in your environment. What’s the message in the music you listen to, the tv shows you watch, the social media you spend time on, even the news you read. I’m willing to bet it’s filled to the brim with negativity and drama. We are bombarded multiple times a day with messages of lack and loss.


Artisan Indie - Flip the Script in 2020


Flip the Script

So why don’t we flip the script? I challenge you all to make an effort to elevate your thoughts. Do not listen to the naysayers who say you don’t have what it takes.

Stop listening to music, watching tv or scrolling through your social feed on autopilot. Use external media with intent. Listen to music on purpose. Watch television on purpose. Use social media on purpose. Flip the script.

Create an intention to elevate your life. Your mindset is your pathway to victory or defeat. No matter your outcome it will all start with your thoughts.


Artisan Indie - Flip the Script in 2020


This weeks challenge:

To prepare you for what’s to come in 2020 I would like you to take inventory of how you’ve been living your life. I challenge you to start to adopt some new lifestyle strategies.

  • Self-Awareness: Build your self-awareness around what boosts your mental mood. Also, be aware of what drains you and steer clear of those things.
  • Commit: Set aside some time at the beginning of the day and the end of the day to mentally think about what you are grateful for. Practice visualizing what you would love to manifest in your life. Play music that calms or inspires you or simply enjoy the silence in your own sacred space.
  • Monday Morning Free Time: This might be hard. Most business owners hit the ground running on Mondays. I encourage you to block off Monday mornings for weekly planning and intention setting. Visualize desired outcomes for the week. I believe this little amount of time will give your week the power boost it needs. 


The holidays are almost here and we’re all frazzled and need some downtime. I’m sure you have big plans for 2020. But before we wipe the slate clean, let’s reflect and redirect. Take the next 2 weeks to rediscover your dreams. Then move into 2020 focused and refreshed.

In the New Year live life on purpose and with intent. Flip the script of the same old, same old and take the wheel to steer yourself in the direction you want to go. You have the power to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Make it happen! 

Sarah ❤


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