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Brand Building for Makers

What’s a BRAND? A brand is so much more than a pretty logo or catchy name. It is more than a great font and a business card. All those things are important to a brand yes, but a brand is MORE than that....

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Setting your craft business up for success.

Setting yourself up for Success: Are you setting the scene for success? I believe the fact that you are here reading this blog means YES you are ready to take your craft business to the next level. Success can look...

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Sales Down? How to keep your head up during slow times.

Successful handmade businesses use the slow times to double down. They use the time to work on all the things they "didn't have time for" during the busy time. Some use it to make new things, work on new collections or product development, many use it to plan for the upcoming busier times ahead and others use it to take a much needed rest that they haven't been able to have in months.

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