5 Steps to Etsy Success!

Learn how thousands of Etsy sellers have built a thriving business selling on Etsy. Follow these 5 steps to build your own handmade empire!

Welcome to Artisan Indie

We appreciate the true beauty of design inspired by the human mind and we value the importance and quality of crafted goods made by human hands. Our mission at Artisan Indie is to support and advocate for handmade business to bring back quality made goods for consumers while allowing the shopping experience to be more authentic, unique and enjoyed.

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Join our learning & social community of artisans and advisors to help take your craft business to the next level. Learn to sell more on Etsy, Amazon & More! We help you to not only grow but to Flourish.

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Our Flourish advisors offer creatives all types of e-commerce services like web design, SEO, social media marketing, & virtual assistance to help take your handmade business to the next level!

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Browse our curated Pinterest board filled with handcrafted goods & rare vintage items. Shop small and support independent artists, local makers, designers and crafters.

Flourish at Artisan Indie

Our primary mission in Flourish is to teach artisans and craftspeople how to grow their hobby into a business. We do this by teaching them how to sell and market themselves in an online environment. This allows their business to flourish and reach a global market. In the near future we will be providing a unique way for merchants and customers to connect over handcrafted items and support-local ideology. In the meantime our mission is to educate craft businesses to create and optimize their online shops to generate interest, engagement and increased sales.

To that end, we provide:

  1. A supportive learning & social community for all artisans & craftspeople.
  2. Sales training that provides the most updated techniques and methods for both e-commerce shops and in person events and stores.
  3. Discounts to tools and services that can help grow small businesses.

On our journey we’ll be looking for innovative new methods to grow our platform and provide sellers the tools they need to build the small businesses that are the lifeblood of any economy. Please join us! Whether you’re a customer, seller, or fellow lover of arts and crafts - you are welcome here!

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Meet Team Artisan Indie




As a 7 figure e-commerce craft business owner, Sarah uses her experience from the sales & marketing world to teach others how to grow their own handmade empire!




Lara is obsessed with designing. She has a love affair with yarn and fabric and has created her own amazing line of plus size apparel! Lara helps makers find their why!




Jaime is not only an amazing jewelry designer but also enjoys crafting, sewing, and designing pretty much ALL THE THINGS! Jaime is an advocate for the craft industry!

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