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Artisan Indie Advocates for handmade commerce.

We do this by advertising and promoting handcrafted or human designed products and gifts made by our Team Flourish Makers. You can find their creative goods by browsing through our Instagram feed, Facebook News Feed and our Shop Artisan Indie Pinterest Board

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We are a business community for artists, crafters, creatives & designers.

We teach makers commerce, marketing, social media and more.

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How to dispel Fear & Doubt in your Creative Business.

Show of hands....who’s exhausted from trying to convince the world that you’re worthy? I get it....I’ve been there . Like the time in my 20’s I tried so hard to get the promotion I deserved by doing my managers work...

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5 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Posts.

Let’s talk about Content. How many of you are putting thought into your content curation but you just aren’t seeing the results you’d like? Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why you may not be seeing the engagement you would like...

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Brand Building for Makers

What’s a BRAND? A brand is so much more than a pretty logo or catchy name. It is more than a great font and a business card. All those things are important to a brand yes, but a brand is MORE than that....

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